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2013年9月24日 (火)

To start again from the beginning

If I can catch the time tail, let time not flow away with tears in exchange for moving, I should not be indifferent to a thousand li away, not in the frozen up how to register a business. Perhaps a few years ago, I would not be so broken hearted man, do not know how to cherish ever know. But people don't think different, a few degrees of nobody knows. When the memory of the bells hung in the no wind, when the sentimental wait not ridiculous humble, I numb life whether not like knocked over WuWeiPing, mixed with the taste of sorrow. In front of the wandering, a no berth at heart, I wandering footsteps, and the foot to go wheremodular cubes store? Old age gradually go, and dust, vain people at that time, ink and paper topic regret. The life has too many ups and downs, heart already terribly fatigued, I would choose to live near water and desolate, with a pot of wine to water, company registration Hong Kong to the sky canopy for PU, expressing the busy behind the clouds, and pour from happy. Wait for years old, your think dream cool, misty eyes, is the heart of drop write memories in Zhuan textcovers for samsung galaxy, look back on the journey of life direction, is the youth grand festivals. Waiting for exploration, but also the unknown alone. Who and I spend time aloes, who is also my love, thought, cover up the sadness. As thin as cicada's wings thoughts, silently looking to when the road, Limited company Hong Kong lonely time, blend in the recall is heart troubles. Perhaps the years sigh with memories in torment yourself, more lack emotional regret helpless, too many expectations will only bring more loss. Still getting used to a person in their lonely. Veteran. The pain is pain, it doesn't matter anyway. I believe, not only the past spilled water cannot be gathered upTranslate English to Chinese., in a sad sea, autumn think dream, my heart enron......

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