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2013年12月18日 (水)

The moon.

Xiaofeng with silver hook, yingluan hard togetherhome organizer online. -

The moon alone keep on the cold floor, cool light assault around the sleevesadd hair. -

I Fu Xiao played, silent tears flow. -

The cup dropping wine still hold, do not change the face of thin mirror . -

Beauty face hanging two lines of worry, to speak and hugh. -

Love has been worrying, how in Yuanyang fastener?.

Lonely night during the long wait, is no warm meaning, everything is as if a blank day after the residual of enthusiasm, but after the scattered, surrounded by a silence, hearts had a cold, I really do not know the sense of desolation when it can be scattered back. Now take a sash windows, quietly to put thoughts comb. Free, readily grasp of a lost life, through faint moonlight, I lightly moistened with a cluster of months of purity, coagulation as a pneumatic finger last residues, rendering me full of sadness and loneliness with incomplete. Scattered stars and Oracle knows this little could pity? Although this is not about the wind and the moon, but only the full of my affection, along the flowing moonlight, my yearning, gently send away to distant disconcerted. -

Wisps of breeze still wanton from lips, suddenly heart derived from an unprovoked empty, perhaps because of the long time give up because of it. Looking at the night sky idle hung a solitary, the heart seems to have emerged in a subtle sense of sadness. Just leave the noisy world, closed the window, with a common heart, a man quietly enjoy in the moonlight. -

The emptiness of the night, less disturb others, the mood is very active. Along the still familiar road ahead, the landscape around has not changed, only the heart always feel less what, seem empty and bare. In the take in everything in a glance of moonlight, light scattered stars hidden in the pale sky, it in a hidden way in dotted with months of solitude. Not much, if any scenery around the looming, is not the day to see the real, but a hazy state appear wrong, give us infinite daydream space. The round if the residual silver hook solitary month thinking wandering alone, dejected thinking among flash produced in me a causeless expectations, but in the back involved not clear, beautiful longing for the constant desire constantly disappointment, desire and disappointment of overlap, and again piled up my pale silence. -

Along the direction of the moonlight, surrounding and bright and dark scenery gives people a sense of confusion That cannot be described.. So the road in the confusion on the road, in front of a pool of instantaneous suddenly appeared in front of, through the dim moonlight watching from afar, lonely in the night sky, a few sparse stars hidden in the faint moonlight, the stars and the moon in the night sky and faintly in the now, and this silence the atmosphere with more beautiful. The laxative and moonlight onto the lake, originally the hazy surface tilt suddenly thrown light. Emergence of watching the water half moon reflection, tiled in the lake of light clear moonlight, whether as your original plain Yan pure? Now look at the moon floating in water. Think of the distance, but also had to be self seeking and just, all seem so unreal. Water moon image of beauty, an idea into ash. The past has been difficult, fictitious to distinguish non? Bursts of breeze blowing, the lake ripples, fall under the moonlight is so dissipation. The moon floating eyes fragmentation has been hard to piece together a complete, do not know that there is no help sense of loss, whether you also like it printed in my mind in the face of general, fuzzy clear and hidden dark? -

Wandering in the moonlight, when all thoughts and memories, quietly flashing constantly expectations, along with the change of mood, it is already thin a crescent moon. - this reminiscent of some of the beautiful, that a glimpse of the gaze, knowing involved a me what affair? Every month when, the most difficult to forget the end is your graceful and charming face in the moonlight as water, elegant and refined lotus flower. But, in the past clouds, moonlight too bright left would be too many regrets, too many dreams cannot go round. Now I'm alone in the moonlight is incomplete, not after the next season the pain cycle if there will be a full moon night? Maybe life is because of the existence of regret, so will the incomplete beauty prominent so precious.

Life if only such as first, then this will have much care of your mind? Easy empty degree month wind, still pity has Su Yan Rong, sad no longer regret sentimental, his smile who listen to? Even though, let me full of first yearning, alone travel in their own under the moonlight, is ancient and modern, with miss the slightest, let the final lament for leisurely EarthSound's Overture, with which a thin miss, let me and moving with the wind, in the night care under, gradually disappeared in the clouds, hidden deep inside......

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