2013年7月11日 (木)

To cope with the increasing of abuse and neglect to inform

Welfare spokeswoman Jacinda Ardern says in at least one instance a child deemed to have been severely abused wasn't assigned a case worker until five days after notification.
The target for dealing with critical situations is within 24 hours.
In another case, deemed very urgent, Asian college of knowledge management it took 31 days to allocate a social worker - the target is within 48 hours.
"Child, Youth and Family receive on average more than 400 reports of suspected abuse and neglect every day," Ms Ardern said.
"The number of notifications requiring further action has risen 50 per cent, Set up Business in Hong Kong from 40,739 in 2008 to 61,074 in 2012."
She says it's time the government took a serious look at the department's resources and processes.
"This isn't about blaming individuals, storage cabinet but time and again we hear reports of children being found in shocking circumstances - even when CYF has had some involvement," she said.